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Reverend Canon Dennis Claughton AM

The Fremantle Seafarers Centre is an integral component of the nautical scene of the Port City. Ideally located overlooking Victoria Quay and the container berths on the opposite side of the Swan river. We work in conjunction with The Sailor’s Society and  we are The Mission To Seafarers –
located at 76 Queen Victoria St Fremantle

During the past twelve months, Seafarers who are essential workers everywhere in the world, have suffered immensely by having no shore leave, due to Covid 19. Flying Angel staff are working extremely hard to bring some comforts to these stranded men and women who are appreciating this effort enormously.  We go shopping for them and bring phone cards and pharmaceuticals to the gangway of their ship. This is care “at the front line”. The cost of delivering these services is expensive and if you would like to assist, any donations are greatly appreciated.

The Fremantle centre has been on the World Stage for the last decade; invited in 2009 to Hong Kong for development of a strategy program for Seafarers Centres around the world. The Fremantle Chaplain was the Australian representative amidst European, Scandinavian and American Centres organised by ICMA (International Christian Maritime Association), and supported by the ITF (International Transport Federation)

In 2012, Fremantle was recognised in the top five of the best of the hundreds of Seafarers Centres in the World and in 2013 the Chaplain, Dennis Claughton AM, was awarded the Personality of the Year
(in conjunction with the Chaplain from Italy). This award forms the pinnacle of the awards at the annual ISWAN (International Seafarers Welfare) and in 2013 it was held in Geneva, Switzerland. In 2014, the Fremantle Mission to Seafarers had the great honour of being crowned the best Seafarers Centre in the world for 2014/2015, a first for an Australian Seafarers centre.

76 Queen Victoria St Fremantle

Email: facfremantle@yahoo.com

Phone: 089335 5000

Web: http://www.flyingangel.org.au